Welcome to the Music Academy Rheinsberg

Inspired by the Benny Greb Mastersessionsand somewhat by chance, this camp was established for the very first time in march 2015. The aim was to create a small, carefully selected drumcamp, which offers possibilities far beyond that of “normal” clinics and workshops. Small groups, audio-, video- and recording devices, a sound engineer and practice drum sets for each individual ensure every participant achieves maximum results.

Our first “master” was a top act of modern drumming and i´m still very proud that he joined us: Mike Johnston. Made famous by “YouTube” and “MikesLessons.com” he is one of the leading and most sought-after drum educators in the world.

Once in a year during march you will get the possibiliy to join our International Mastercamp and learn from the best!!!

Greetings from Rheinsberg,
Christian Hartwig